Brokerage Terms

Brokerage Terms

Brokerage Registration Fee:  NIL 

Selling Your Boat

If your boat is newer than 1985 you will have to provide:

  1. Proof of ownership
  2. Previous or last bill of sale
  3. Copy of the original invoice illustrating that the VAT was paid.
  4. Part 1 registration or Builders Certificate
  5. Evidence of RCD compliance

Brokerage Commission Rates

  • Under £1,000 - commission is 10%
  • Over £1,000 - commission is 8%
  • Over £25,000 - commission is 6%
  • Over £50,000 commission is 4%

Continuous insurance cover for the vessel is the responsibility of the owner of the vessel whilst it is kept at the Marina.

Laying up fee, ashore or afloat, is £17.00 per metre per month including VAT.

If you sell your boat privately whilst it is advertised with Caley Marina Brokerage you will be subject to a 1% commission charge, plus VAT.  If the customer has been in contact with Caley Marina regarding the purchase, the relevant commission as noted above, will apply, plus VAT.

No boat will be advertised for sale within the Marina unless being sold through Caley Marina brokerage service.  All boats being kept in the Marina will be inspected before being accepted for Brokerage.  Any boat placed on Brokerage will not be charged berthing costs for the first month but will be charged normal berthing rates thereafter.

Termination of your agreement should be made in writing, giving 30 days notice.

At no time should your boat be advertised for sale elsewhere at a lower price than agreed with Caley Marina Brokerage Service.